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Enjoying Your Blended Family

May 6, 2022

An easy way to add romance to your marriage!


Just a disclaimer, this episode is for big ears and not the little ears.


Ladies, have you ever wanted a romantic date night with your man? Guys, have you ever wanted to be more romantic for your wife, but struggle coming up with ideas?


Romance Enhance has you covered. This is an easy way to add some romance to your marriage, and it comes in a box to your door.


You can have some St. Patrick’s Day fun, even after the holiday is over. We share what it looks like and what all comes in the box, along with all the fun that came with it. Some of the things we used before we had the date and some even after the date.


They have many different boxes you can choose from, and is another great product we found that can add some spice to your marriage. It’s fun and easy, and you’ll definitely get lucky by the end. 


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